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Show Notes: 04-22-2012

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A Prayer about Nature and God's Creation

Billionaire-backed space venture Planetary Resources to be unveiled April 24
An audacious new private space exploration company backed by billionaire investors and filmmaker-turned-explorer James Cameron will unveil its master plan "to help ensure humanity's prosperity" on Tuesday, April 24.

Democrats Call for New Amendment to Limit First Amendment Rights
Democratic Representatives Donna Edwards (D-Md.) and John Conyers (D-Mich.) renewed their call for a constitutional amendment that would limit the First Amendment rights of political action groups and corporations by overturning the Citizens United decision.

Stinky fish helps limit potfest at Colo university
Stinky fish fertilizer and two dozen law-enforcement officers kept pot smokers away from a grassy quad at the University of Colorado on Friday, but a few hundred protesters defied the crackdown and rallied on another field, where some lit up at 4:20 p.m.

Possible NATO Role Eyed in Syria Conflict
As the United States Thursday accused the Assad regime of unleashing “yet another wave of horrific violence against the Syrian people” despite a week-old ceasefire, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointed to the possibility of NATO involvement.

Immigration officials say they've tried to remove convicted criminal from the U.S. but no country will take him
Federal authorities said they have tried to remove a Palestinian man who has been arrested 35 times in 12 years in Alabama, but said other countries have refused to take him

Still the Land of Dreams: 150 Million Want to Immigrate to U.S.
It has become a cliché for politicians who want to provide some sort of pathway to U.S. citizenship to the estimated 11.2 million illegal aliens living in the United States to say that these illegal aliens will need to “go to the back of the line” first.

The equal pay day myth
This month, feminist groups celebrate Equal Pay Day, a pseudo-holiday based on the idea that women are systematically underpaid, making only about three-quarters of every dollar a man makes for the same work. Women, they claim, have to work until April to make up for last year’s “wage gap.”

Cause of Brain Freeze Revealed
Most people have likely experienced brain freeze — the debilitating, instantaneous pain in the temples after eating something frozen — but researchers didn't really understand what causes it, until now.

Jurassic lark? Expedition to seek living dinosaurs in Africa
A young Missouri man has turned to the Internet in search of investors for his expedition into the remote jungles of Africa seeking to document undiscovered flora and fauna. That is not so unusual, but one of the creatures he hopes to find is: a living dinosaur.

Are We Headed Toward the Constitution or the Communist Manifesto?
This Breakdown Tells You During his Thursday morning radio broadcast, Glenn Beck asked if America, on its current trajectory, is headed toward the values and principles of the Constitution, or rather, those of the Communist Manifesto. To glean greater insight, The Blaze expanded on each of the Manifesto’s 10 planks and juxtaposed them with modern day American society. The picture revealed, while perhaps not shocking, is unsettling to say the least.