Monday, April 23, 2012

What is the best carry position/holster?

First, there is no such things as the perfect carry location for your handgun, nor the perfect holster; at least for everyone. Anyone carrying for any length of time has a box of tossed out holsters that have been tried and denied.

So, let us discuss what we all have discovered works best for us and why and what doesn't work.

Appendix carry is all the rage now which started with law enforcement, frankly started by one of my NYC Senseis that trained cops and was one, it is basically carrying to the front of the body as one can. this has the main advantage, why it was taught, of good retention of the firearm and initially for duty holsters on duty belts. this position is not ideal for comfort or quick draw. i am sure the host of the forum will discuss with us why he likes this position for carry, I tried it and I do not chose this for carry and will wait to respond.

So, what did I choose and why? First you must know I have been carrying for decades and in the past 4 years or so I gave up my concealed carry for open carry as my state allows same.

I started Small of back carry properly trained for strike draw response( i am a very experienced martial artist) and decided it was not for me. Why?

#1 When you bend over it prints badly
#2 when you sit in a wooden booth or chair it makes too much noise
#3 I fell on my back and it hurt like a son of a gun!

I like shoulder holsters for certain clothing, but I have a chronic condition and the weight on my shoulders just hurt my neck too much. I still have one

I hate inside the waistband holsters, they are uncomfortable and I do not want to buy special sized clothing to carry my gun. One warning, do not use leather for iwb the sweat soaks into the leather and can shrink it and stop the draw!

After allot of trial and error and competitive shooting, I decided on a strong side OutsideWaistBand pancake style holster with an FBI cant/cross draw belt slot. Why?

#1 I am a bit of a fast draw point shooter and the strong side draw is fastest.
#2 FBI cant(but slightly forward) for easier draw sitting down like in a truck while still a fast draw
#3 the cross draw gives me another wear option that is great for sitting sown, I like options
#4 it tucks tight so as to be easily concealed with a full or compact weapon
#5 I do allot of outside work around the homestead felling trees building stuff etc and it keeps my gun safe and out of the way.
#6 although not easy I can still draw it and reposition for weak hand, not ideal

All the above considered for sitting nothing beats cross draw/shoulder holster, so I had to consider carjacking scenario. what did I do? Since I really like my choice of main holster I did a couple of things. I like redundancy so a second handgun was key to my 1st response

#1 an ankle holster back up 380 auto pony 1911. Easy draw from a sitting position and 1 of the best for being attacked from behind and brought to your knees
#2 I put a second holster on my shoulder strap of the seat belt. I get in and draw my weapon and put it in the seat belt holster, car problem solved.

That gave me the best options for me to handle all the situations considered. However, I wanted something more DEEP carry and even for mild concerns allowed me to put my hand on my gun without notice, so I bought a pocket gun, not just any pocket gun a .357mag 2 shot double action derringer! Something concerns me I put my weak hand in my pocket and ready the gun for draw.

Now all my considerations are about open carry, snowmobiling, ATV, horses, and working on my remote property and dealing with lareg predators; which is a good discussion for SHTF times.