Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Show Notes 05-01-2016

Sunday Show 05-01-16 

Iraqi protesters pour into Green Zone, storm parliament 
Anti-government protesters tore down poured into the Iraqi capital's heavily fortified Green Zone on Saturday, where they stormed parliament in a major escalation of a political crisis that has simmered for months.
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Coalition: Park Ranger Uniforms ‘Threatening’ Latinos - Have ‘Cultural Implications’
A coalition of legislators and civil rights groups say the National Park Service needs to focus on increasing inclusion on public lands, including possibly changing the “threatening” uniforms of Park Rangers.
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11 year old boy shoots home intruder
An 11-year-old Alabama boy says he opened fire with a gun and wounded a man suspected of breaking into his home. Chris Gaither tells WVTM-TV he was home alone in Talladega on Wednesday when he heard a noise and realized someone else was inside.
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Kentucky Confederate monument to be removed after 120 years
The stone monument honoring Kentuckians who died for the Confederacy in the Civil War will be moved to another location, University President James Ramsey and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said during a surprise announcement Friday. The monument is capped with a statue of a Confederate soldier.
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Starbucks faces 5 million over amount of ice in its iced beverages
According to The Telegraph, Stacy Pincus filed a 29-page complaint in Northern Illinois Federal Court in Chicago last week. Pincus alleges that Starbucks customers are being misled because the company’s iced drinks contain just over half the drink they are paying for.
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Why many retirees will run out of money
Saving for retirement is hard enough these days, with wage growth lagging and more than 40 percent of workers lacking access to a workplace retirement savings plan.
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One Top Taxpayer Moved, and New Jersey Shuddered
Our top-heavy economy has come to this: One man can move out of New Jersey and put the entire state budget at risk. Other states are facing similar situations as a greater share of income — and tax revenue — becomes concentrated in the hands of a few.
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Animals get to use their own bathrooms at JFK airport
Little Simba couldn't wait to check it out. The toy poodle was among the first to try a special bathroom just for animals at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, among a growing number of "pet relief facilities" being installed at major air hubs across the nation.
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Elephants to perform for final time at Ringling Bros. Circus
Elephants will perform for the last time at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus on Sunday, as the show closes its own chapter on a controversial practice that has entertained audiences since circuses began in America two centuries ago.
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Show Notes 04-28-2016

Thursday Show 04-28-16 

Top Twenty-Five Stories Proving Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is Dangerous to Women and Children
As the boycott of Target stores over its pro-transgender bathroom policy grows, the question of just who such a policy puts in danger is a natural one to ask.
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Homeland Security releasing thousands of illegal immigrants
Homeland Security has made some gains in detaining criminal aliens but still released into the community nearly 20,000 immigrants last year who’d already been convicted of crimes — including hundreds charges with sexual assault, kidnapping or homicide — according to figures sent to Congress this week.
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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law a bill that underscores the rights of therapists, counselors and other mental-health professionals to refuse clients with issues they believe violate their personally held convictions and beliefs – but some say the measure was a back-door attempt to undercut the current LGBT community’s demand for certain rights.
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Recycle this! City's garbage spies kicked to curb
The city of Seattle’s policy of inspecting residents’ garbage and issuing fines for throwing away too much food has been declared an unconstitutional violation of privacy.
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Alabama city makes bathroom access by gender identity a crime
An Alabama city appears to be the first in the country to specify criminal penalties for violators of an ordinance requiring people to use bathrooms that match the gender on their birth certificates, civil rights groups said on Wednesday.
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Anti gun professor wrestles over whether to write reference for pro-gun student
A science professor’s personal feelings about firearms is leading her to consider instituting her own form of gun control -- refusing to write a letter of recommendation for a student gun enthusiast.
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TSA hits new record after confiscating 73 guns in one week from carry on bags
Airport screeners established a new record last week when they stopped passengers from boarding planes with 73 firearms in carry-on luggage.
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What raised America to its 'present happy state'?
Leading the charge at the battle of Trenton, a musket ball struck his shoulder, hitting an artery. He recovered and continued to fight for General Washington, becoming friends with French officer Lafayette. His name was James Monroe, born April 28, 1758.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Show Notes 04

Sunday Show 04-24-16 

Sears to close 78 stores this summer
Sears Holdings Corp. will close another 78 stores —68 Kmart units, and 10 Sears stores — as it looks to restore profitability. That accounts for about 5 percent of its store base, which is nearly 1,700 stores.
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The horror: climate change is making the weather more pleasant
A research letter published in the journal Nature finds that climate change has made the weather in the United States far more enjoyable over the past four decades.
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Obama Urges Britain to Stay in EU; Critics Call His Stance ‘Patronizing,’ ‘Hypocritical’
President Obama has kicked off his visit to Britain with a public appeal for the country to remain in the European Union, an intervention that is drawing strong criticism from prominent supporters of the campaign to leave the E.U.
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2 officers shot, suspect dead at Walmart in Phoenix suburb
Two officers are in stable condition, with one requiring surgery, and the suspect is dead following a shooting Saturday at a Walmart in suburban Phoenix, authorities said.
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DOD Official on Women in Combat: ‘Numbers May Be Very, Very Small Or None At All’
A Defense Department (DOD) official said on Friday that for the number of women who want to fill combat posts heretofore not open to them, and then being able to meet the standard set for those posts, the number who actually serve will be “very, very small or none at all.”
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Army launches investigation into airborne Humvee mishap
The 173rd Airborne Brigade is investigating what went wrong during an airborne drop that resulted in three Humvees free-falling to their destruction, as depicted in a widely-shared online video.
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Scientists Build a Better Incandescent Light Bulb… Six Years After Last US Factory Closes
Six years after the last incandescent light bulb factory in the U.S. shut down due to strict new federal energy conservation standards, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a technological breakthrough that could make incandescent bulbs twice as energy-efficient as their replacements.
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Magnetic sled breaks world speed record
The lightning-fast sled is officially the fastest object of its kind, according to the U.S. Air Force. The 2,000-lb. (900 kilograms) sled, which was designed by an Air Force squadron to test the delicate instruments inside weapons systems, broke the world record for speed on March 4, eclipsing its own previous record that had been set just two days earlier.
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'Let down by the Pope on Lesbos': Christian brother and sister told they would be rescued by Holy Father then left behind over EU deal to send migrants to Turkey
A Christian brother and sister from Syria say they have been 'let down' by the Pope after he left them behind in a Lesbos refugee camp despite promises they would be given a new life in Italy.
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 The Palestinian Authority, which already claims it has a “right to kill” under United Nations precedent, now reportedly wants the Nobel Peace Prize bestowed on a terrorist imprisoned for the murders of five people.
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First Lady Targets Mississippi 'Religious Freedom' Bill in Commencement Speech
In a rare entrance into a politically charged controversy, first lady Michelle Obama used a commencement speech Saturday at Jackson State University in Mississipppi to directly target the state’s recently-passed "religious freedom" bill.
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Child brides break down when forced to marry
A mass child marriage ceremony has been captured on camera - showing young brides crying as they are forced to wed.
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This day in history
On the evening of April 24, 1781, British General William Phillips lands on the banks of the James River at City Port, Virginia. Once there, he combined forces with British General Benedict Arnold, the former American general and notorious traitor, to launch an attack on the town of Petersburg, Virginia, located about 12 miles away.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Show Notes 04-23-2016

Saturday Show 04-23-16

Remake your backyard into a mini-farm
Why rethink your backyard? A typical backyard, made up of a big green lawn and maybe an area for grilling and eating outdoors, can be great for playing and entertaining — but it’s not the only way to work your outdoor space.
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Obama Wants Federal Agency to Create More of a ‘Free Market’ in TV
President Barack Obama said in his weekly address that he wants the Federal Communications Commission to create more of a “free market” in television in the United States by changing the way people rent cable boxes for their televisions.
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EPA chief: Obama and EPA won't slow down on climate change agenda
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy says when it comes to the issue of climate change, “President Obama, his administration, the EPA - have absolutely no plans to slow down.”
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Obama's federalization of police grows nationwide
Announced Friday, 53 police departments around the country have signed on so far to the White House-pressed Police Data Initiative, a plan by President Obama to make crime-fighting more technology-driven and accountable to higher-ups, but that is seen by critics as a not-so-subtle federal takeover of community policing.
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Transgender Restrooms and Fitting Rooms? 162,000 Sign 'Boycott Target Pledge' in 1 Day
A pro-family group has launched a boycott of Target after the retail store made it clear on Tuesday that its bathrooms and changing facilities can be used by anyone according to their gender identity.
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Former felons in Maryland now have right to vote
Convicted felons have long been unwelcome on Election Day, as 34 states block them from voting either permanently or for varying times after they leave prison. But ex-felons who are on parole or probation will be able to vote on Tuesday in Maryland’s primaries for the first time.
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Secretive group of Hollywood conservatives suddenly dissolves
The Friends of Abe has acted as a clandestine club for Hollywood conservatives for more than a decade, hosting secret events where they could vent rightwing views and hear speeches from visiting Tea Party luminaries.
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The Uncooperative Radio Show update

I, Susan was stuck in town during our Thursday show so we did a make up show on Saturday. I will be posting the links today. Thanks to all our listeners for your patience.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Show Notes 04-17-2016

Sunday Show 04-17-16

Report: ISIS has destroyed the ancient Babylonian city of Nineveh
The Islamic State has destroyed the ancient city of Nineveh, YNET reported Friday. The Israeli news site didn’t provide any details of the destruction, but the news followed an earlier report this week about the destruction of the gates of Nineveh.
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2016 Nissan Titan XD Test Drive
The Titan XD is a big truck that Nissan hopes will fit into a small market niche that it’s either discovered … or is trying to create.
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ABSCAM agents to FBI chief: Bureau's 'reputation' on the line in Clinton probe
Former FBI agents who worked the notorious 1970s sting operation known as ABSCAM have written FBI Director James Comey to warn that nothing less than the bureau's "reputation" is on the line as the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email practices enters a critical phase.
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Abscam—sometimes written ABSCAM—was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation that took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
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Senate Committee Subpoenas EPA Over Gold King Mine Disaster
Senate Indian Affairs Chairman John Barrasso (R,-Wyo.) and Vice Chairman John Tester (D.-Mont.) agreed Wednesday to subpoena Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy or a top aide to appear at an upcoming oversight field hearing on the Gold King Mine disaster scheduled for April 22nd in Phoenix.
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Noah Webster first published his “American Dictionary of the English Language” on April 14, 1828. In order to evaluate the etymology of words, he learned 26 languages, including Old English, German, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic and Sanskrit.
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Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill
Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
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High protein man foods that aren't steak
If you're a "Man's Man" you probably like steak – thick, juicy, and full of flavor. And while steak is an excellent source of protein – about 40 grams of protein in a 5-ounce serving -- there are other sources of protein that will also put hair on your chest, so to speak.
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Show Notes 04-14-16

Thursday Show 04-14-16

This group helps the poor, the hungry, and the wretched outcasts
Millions of people in 118 countries are helped by the Salvation Army, founded by William Booth, who was born April 10, 1829. At the age of 13, Booth was sent to apprentice as a pawnbroker.
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Crony Capitalists, Local Pols, and Refugee Resettlement
It took a heroic local news anchor from Fargo, North Dakota to expose the fact that crony capitalists have banded together in a "nonprofit" foundation to bribe the political classes of small U.S. cities to support and promote "refugee resettlement" in their cities.
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Venezuela energy crisis: President tells women to stop using hairdryers and go with 'natural' style to save electricity
The President of Venezuela has urged women to stop using hairdryers and offered alternative styling tips as the country’s energy crisis continues. Nicolas Maduro has announced a decree giving state employees Fridays off for two months as part of measures to offset a crippling electricity shortage.
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Happy 273rd birthday Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson would have been 273 years old on Wednesday, April 13. For most Americans, Jefferson’s birthday is a day of celebration. But for many writers and activists, the day Jefferson entered this world is a day of shame.
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Greece sells country's largest port to China
China has described a deal to sell Greece’s biggest port to Chinese shipping group COSCO as a “win-win” for both countries.
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Worlds largest coal company files for bankruptcy
Peabody, the largest privately owned coal mining company in the world, is just the latest of its competitors to file for bankruptcy since last year, joining Alpha Natural Resources Inc., Patriot Coal Corp. and Arch Coal Inc.
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A tale about taxes
The other day I met a friend who is a large stockholder in General Motors, and he told me a story. A few weeks before, his son had used somewhat excessive strength on the mixing valve in his bathroom and broke the handle off.
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Government spends nearly 3 million encouraging Gen Y to eat fruit
The federal government has spent nearly $3 million on a web-based intervention study that aims to have young adults increase their intake of fruits and vegetables.
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