Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Public aid, illegal aliens vs veterans

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Jerry Davich at the Post Tribune asks, "How can illegal aliens, but not war vets, get public aid?" Obviously a loaded question intent of stirring comments and discussion, but a very interesting topic nevertheless. Davich says:

Local veterans voiced two opposing battle cries after reading my Memorial Day column on Veterans Affairs benefits and eligibility criteria.The first camp claimed it's true that some vets receive monthly benefit checks for bogus combat-related injuries and ailments. [snip]

The second camp is filled with disgruntled vets who've been trying to get VA benefits for years, without any luck, for seemingly legitimate service-related health problems.

Soldiers from both camps shared one common ground: They both noted how tragic it is that illegal aliens who have snuck into America are receiving public aid while ailing military vets who sacrificed their health for this country are getting little or no government assistance.

That's why I'm looking for local vets who feel they have legitimate claims for VA assistance but have so far been ambushed by red tape, paperwork and delays.

If you know of veterans who are having trouble getting the benefits they deserve, you can contact Jerry Davich at:
(219) 648-3107 or jdavich@post-trib.comPost-Tribune
Main office
1433 E. 83rd Ave.
Merrillville, IN 46410
(219) 648-3172 • (800) 753-5533
Fax (219) 648-2187

It truly is a sad state of affairs, when criminals get better treatment than our brave military veterans.

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