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Terrorist coming from the southern borders?

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Well my post of terrorist coming from the southern borders has struck up some rather strange conversations at work. Seems some think that notion is a bit extreme, but as I read and listen to the news over the last few days I see that what I have feared and read about for years has came to past.

Busted: NYC terror plot Updated with criminal complaint
By Michelle Malkin • June 02, 2007 02:00 PM

Now as you can see these men came from where? Rumored to be from or came through Mexico or possibly Latin America. Wait … wait that is the southern border! Well maybe I am wrong after all in Nov. of 1986 the “Immigration Reform and Control Act” was passed (another Kennedy project I believe).

So how can this be? Congress passed a law to take care of all this in 1986
“Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986″.

So why is it that the Senate is debating yet another Immigration Reform Act? In 1986 the word was that once this bill was passed we the people of the United States of America would no longer have to think about the illegal immigrants or our southern borders. What they meant to say was they would no longer have to think about our southern borders because they had no plans on doing anything about it then nor do they plan on doing anything about it now.

Of course the same deal on a closed border is now being force fed to us the people who have always trusted our government to do what’s right for the U.S. Of course if one would take the time to read the bill the very same double talk that was used in 1986 can be found in 2007.

Now the times have changed in the last 21 years, so why are we so worried we allowed an amnesty bill back then and also allowed our borders to be left open. So what’s the big deal today?

Well there is the 9/11/01 issue that was not even considered as an issue in 1986

Then there were the shoe bombers in 2002.

Of course the 2007 Fort Dix attack plot.

The list just goes on and on……

Well I see a bit of a problem with just saying we “will secure the borders” rather then really doing something about it we have all heard the talk before. Now let’s see them walk the walk, you want Immigration Reform then do something about the borders and remove the millions of federal criminals from our lands then let’s talk “Reform”. Until then forget trying to sell me on a bill that does no more now then what it did back in 1986, free ride for those that we need to be aware of.

It’s Time to Change Government Leadership; It’s Time to Change the Nation!

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