Saturday, October 04, 2014

Show Notes 10/02/2014

Thursday Show 10/2/14

Immigration Overload?
The Obama administration is initiating a program to give refugee status to some young people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in response to the influx of unaccompanied minors arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.
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Michael Savage blames President Obola for virus in US
bola has now entered the U.S. because of President Obama’s open-borders policy, charged talk-radio host Michael Savage. Savage who has a doctorate in epidemiology, said Obama refused to employ the basic epidemiological rule of quarantining a deadly virus, “because the far-left agenda is to have an open-borders policy.”
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KLM uses passenger sniffing dog to return lost items to customers
The Dutch airline announced that it is starting to use the services of an adorable beagle aptly named Sherlock for its Lost and Found service at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Sherlock, who wears a vest, is sent down the concourse to sniff out rightful owners after they've disembarked, returning items like cell phones, stuffed animals and books.
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No Single Missing Link Between Birds and Dinosaurs, Study Finds
Birds didn't evolve in one fell swoop from their dinosaur ancestors, suggests a newly constructed dinosaur family tree showing our feathery friends evolved very gradually, at first.
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Why are Black staffers fleeing Capitol Hill?
Aides say a number of high-ranking African-American congressional staffers have left in recent years, leading to a dearth of diversity on the Hill.
The Obama era hasn’t been a period of progress for black Capitol Hill staffers, and aides say a “diversity drain” of many senior African Americans to the private sector and the White House in recent years is partly to blame.
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Michelle Obama warns Senate control, impeachment rest on 'few hundred votes'
Michelle Obama warns that First lady Michelle Obama, going to bat for Senate Democrats amid reports she is abandoning them on the campaign trail, is warning that control of the chamber and the potential Republican impeachment of her husband rests on just a few votes.
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Will Bureaucracy bury the Bitcoin?
As explained previously in WND, the growing popularity of this anonymous, decentralized, digital currency has prompted legitimate concerns about how it may be misused and whether investors can expect their money to be lost.
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Prosecutor: Co-Worker Had Altercation With Beheading Suspect ‘About Him Not Liking White People’
An Oklahoma man apparently uttered Arabic words during an attack in which he allegedly severed a co-worker’s head, and had “some sort of infatuation with beheadings,” but the killing appeared to have more to do with the man’s suspension from his job than his recent conversion to Islam, a prosecutor said Tuesday.
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Who is buying the Islamic States illegal oil?
In June 2014, computer files captured from a courier for the Islamic State shortly after the fall of Mosul revealed that the group had assets of $875 million, largely gained in the sacking and looting of Mosul and its central bank.
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