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Show Notes 09/28/2014

Sunday Show 9/28/14

Sister of suspect in Pennsylvania trooper ambush says she wants manhunt to end
The search for the suspect in the deadly ambush of state police troopers shifted slightly the dense woods of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains over the weekend, police said Sunday.
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3D-Printed Rocks Could Change Fracking Practices
3D printers have been used to make everything from human stem cells to food to full-size cars, and now researchers are using the technology to build models of rocks to study how fluid seeps underground.
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Inventor of World Wide Web warns of threat to internet
The British inventor of the World Wide Web warned on Saturday that the freedom of the internet is under threat by governments and corporations interested in controlling the web.
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University launches beer-making program
Colleges and beer have a long shared history. A university in Michigan is taking that partnership to a new level with the creation of a program to train and certify experts in "fermentation science."
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In big races, debates are few and far between
Across the country, in some of the most competitive contests for Senate seats and governorships and some of the least, incumbent office-holders are refusing to meet their opponents in front of television cameras.
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6 inexpensive superfoods to add to your grocery list
You’ve probably heard the term “superfood” tossed around without much reference to what it actually means. To put it simply, a superfood is any nutrient-rich food item considered extremely beneficial for health and well-being, going above and beyond regular health foods.
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4 health benefits of spicy foods
Spicy foods do more than add flavor to your favorite meal. Heat-packing foods, particularly chili peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, and cayenne, offer a surprising range of health benefits:
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Georgia high school statue ignites the ire of Atheists groups
A Georgia high school football team’s tradition of touching a stone statue on their way out of the fieldhouse is drawing the ire of two groups that are demanding the statue be removed.
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Russia Says Arctic Well Drilled With Exxon Strikes Oil
Private information stored online by British computer users could be scrutinised by American law enforcement agencies under a wide-ranging new right-to-snoop being pursued by the US government.

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