Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Would health care changes be felt immediately?

I know you all have been bombarted with the "commie" health care issue for a year now, but I want my Uncooperative readers to have all the info they can get to combat this socialist threat. So here is some more info to use against the left. You have to read the entire article, I just listed the topics it covers.

From CNN Politics:

One of the options for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: having the House pass the Senate bill but following up with another vote in both chambers on a series of changes. The idea is to make the legislation more acceptable for House Democrats opposed to the Senate's version.

Although some of the provisions in the reform bill won't be implemented immediately, here's what Democrats say would go into effect in the first year after passage:
Eliminating caps
Pre-existing conditions
Children and pre-existing conditions
Dependent children
Small business tax credits
Preventive care
Appeals process
Help for seniors

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