Monday, December 21, 2009

Gibson Empathizes with Obama: 'Holy God, What a Weight that Is on Your Shoulders'

Bye, Bye, Charles Gibson, oh, bye, bye and again, bye,bye.
From Newsbusters;
In his swan song interview with President Barack Obama, which consumed more than ten minutes of World News, ABC's Charles Gibson couldn't have provided a friendlier or more empathetic platform to Obama on the “weight” of sending troops to war and how “devilishly difficult” it's become to pass health care plan because of a few rogue Senators. Gibson, set to retire Friday, teased his last Wednesday newscast:

The Uncooperative Radio Show Host and I call these people "Morons" all the time on our Radio Show, we call these morons; the "Lame Stream Media", but now I think, that, that is too nice a term for this verman.
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