Sunday, December 27, 2009

Both Parties to Highlight Bill in Bid to Win Over 2010 Voters

From The Hill:

Al Franken, the Democrat from Minnesota who won election to the Senate after a successful career as a comic and author, has begun to show the sharp-tongued side of his personality by ripping into GOP staffers behind the scenes.

Franken has worked diligently to keep a low public profile in Congress while focusing on wonky policy debates. But he has been unable to completely repress the fiery passion that made him a hero of the Democratic Party’s liberal base.

Stuart Smalley Sharp-tongued!!! The man is a left wing liberal socialist commie. And anyone can be mean. I am tired of the left thinking they are all that, and way more intelligent than conservatives. Stuart Smalley got his head flushed in a toilet too many times and hasn't gotten over it. I cannot believe he was elected to the Senate by the people of Minnesota. In fact I don't believe it. I think the election was rigged.
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