Thursday, September 03, 2009

Some Parents Choose Not to Allow Their Kids to Hear Obama's National Address

Oh for the Love Of Our Divine Creator and our Constitution. What the Helllll is this???

From Fox News:

President Obama is giving bipartisanship one last chance. In an effort to revive a sickly health care reform bill, the president will make a primetime address to both houses of Congress next week -- a joint-session whose very gathering implies an issue of critical importance to the nation.

The joint session for a president will be one of only 13 since 1981 -- outside of electoral vote counts, inaugurations and State of the Union addresses.

The topic of Wednesday's address -- health care -- has already been tried in the same setting, by President Clinton in 1993. And, as was the case 16 years ago, the president hopes the joint session will avert the collapse of efforts to change the nation's health care delivery and payment system.

After a summer of brutal town hall meetings on health care reform, Obama will try to re-galvanize Democrats and recast the debate toward do-or-die bipartisanship.

Listen citizens of this Great United States Of America; YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Our President is running scared under his failing ratings, your protests at every Town Hall Meeting and all the Tea Parties. Please keep it going. Here at the Uncooperativebloggers site and on the Uncooperative Radio show; we, as always, will keep up pressure on our elected Cockroaches to stop this tyranny and to adhere to the Constitution. Just like we did when they tried to ram down our throats, the "Frankin Illegal Alien Reform Bill" WE THE PEOPLE,stood up and threw them down. I am so proud to be "An American". Are you?

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