Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Credit card companies woo struggling mortgage-holders

It seems that certain credit card companies are targeting sub-prime customers, people with bad credit. If you are one of them do not be sucked into more debt!

As subprime borrowers began to default on their mortgages in rapidly growing numbers this year, credit card issuers increased their efforts to sign up such customers with tarnished financial histories, according to a market research firm.

Direct mail credit card offers to subprime customers in the United States jumped 41 percent in the first half of this year, compared with the first half in 2006, according to Mintel International Group. Direct mail offers targeted at customers with the best credit fell more than 13 percent.
This is incredibly irresponsible behavior for a lender. Not only the company but the people taking them up on these offers. folks a change in lifestyle is required to get your backsides out of debt! The goal in life should be to live debt free, this includes paying off your mortgages, not constantly refinancing your home! Let us go back to celebrating the mortgage burning, not perpetual debt and not actually owning your own home.

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