Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lindsey Graham Tells Americans to “Shut Up”

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A video of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at the Capital Awards gala hosted by the National Council of La Raza proves that the only thing broken when it comes to our immigration debacle is the spine of our elected officials. This is a United States Senator saying that we need to tell the “bigots” who disagree with amnesty for illegal aliens to “shut up”. In his disgraceful pandering to illegal aliens, he even states that to be an American is just an “idea” and “no group owns being an American”.

[youtube=]First let me say that to be an American is NOT just an “idea”. If that were true, everyone in the world could be an American in an instant by merely having his simpleton “idea”. If he really wants to focus on what it means to be an American, I have a few points for Mr. Graham to ponder. To be an American is a privilege handed down to us by our ancestors and there are many of us that believe it is also a blessing from God. It means we have inherited this land because of the sweat, the tears, the work, and the lives of those that came before us. To be an American means to be humbled, awed, and dare I say grateful for what we have inherited. And it also means that we must be good stewards of our inheritance lest we lose it and there ceases to be a nation the world looks to as an example of freedom.

And I beg to differ with Mr. Graham when he says, “nobody owns this”. The American people own this nation and the right to the proud title of being an American citizen, Mr. Graham. We bought and paid for it with our lives and the lives of our ancestors in past and present wars and also with the almighty tax dollars we send to keep idiots like you in business. You sir, are a disgrace to the Republican Party.

To those members in the Senate preparing to fritter away this nation with their veiled amnesty attempts meant only to cover their dereliction of duty, I can only say that you are treasonous, treacherous, ungrateful, dangerous fools.


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