Thursday, May 10, 2007

CHURCH DECLARES ITSELF A SANCTUARY FOR (potental)TERRORISTS… long as they are illegal aliens

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Brothers Charged in Fort Dix Terror Plot Were Illegal immigrants Smuggled Across Texas Border.”
The brothers entered the United States near Brownsville, Texas, in 1984, the source said, which would put their ages at 1 to 6 when they crossed the border.
The source said there is no record of them entering by way of a regular border crossing, so they are investigating whether they were smuggled into the country.SOURCE


A Homeland Security spokesman might have added:
“Our extensive investigative team will be responsible for determining if any of the “immigrants” have criminal backgrounds and don’t leave voluntarily when we say please…..Just like we did with all those 9/11 hijackers who had overstayed their Visas……Americans can trust us to do the right thing…..

“Illegal Immigrants offered sanctuary in U.S. Churches Across Nation”
Under the sanctuary plan, six to eight congregations in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and San Diego will initially harbor one family each of immigrant families who have at least one member facing, or at risk of, deportation. Organizers expect to expand quickly to some 28 U.S. cities. Families being offered sanctuary have worked in the United States for some years, paid U.S. taxes and have no criminal records.


A church spokesman might have added:
“Our extensive investigative team will be responsible for determining if any of the “immigrants have criminal backgrounds…..Just like we did with all those priests who were molesting our parishioners kids……Americans can trust us to do the right thing…..

“Sanctuary Cities Welcome Terrorist Cells”
A federal law enforcement source confirmed that the three — Dritan “Anthony” or “Tony” Duka, 28; Shain Duka, 26; and Eljvir “Elvis” Duka, 23 — also accumulated 19 traffic citations, but because they operated in “sanctuary cites,” where law enforcement does not routinely report illegal immigrants to homeland security, none of the tickets raised red flags.source

A series of recent immigration raids in the Bay Area is prompting Mayor Gavin Newsom to pledge that San Francisco will remain a so-called “sanctuary city.”…As in Las Angeles, Newsom promised that San Francisco officials won’t help federal authorities in conducting raids….”I will not allow any of my department heads or anyone associated with this city to cooperate in any way shape or form with these raids,” Newsom declared. “We are a sanctuary city, make no mistake about it.” source

A San Francisco/Las Angeles spokesman might have added:
“We don’t have any way of knowing which terrorist cells of illegal immigrants are moving to our fine city…..We don’t really care. We’re not responsible for determining if any of the “immigrants have criminal backgrounds…..We welcome all terrorists…so long as they are here illegally…..Americans can trust us to do the right thing…..

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