Monday, March 12, 2007

“Not in My Backyard - Locals Flip over Hiring Hall”

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It would appear that what is enough for the gander is NOT goose.

An upscale area in Southampton Village, NY (I wasn’t aware of anything that wasn’t upscale there, but this sounds to be something that isn’t), has local residents and business owners in tizzy regarding a planned hiring hall for “immigrant laborers.”

As it stands now, the laborers (by the hundreds), hang out waiting for work opportunities at a local 7-11. The Coalition for a Worklink Center, wants to change that by putting a trailer, porto-lets and parking spaces in a “posh” section of town to replace 7-11 option, which has proved to be a magnet for “traffic snarls, sanitary issues and occasionally unruly behavior at the store.”

Area restaurant, business owners and residents are not too hot on the idea. I would guess the “unofficial” location at the 7-11 was ok to them as none tend to be big fans of slurpees.

The “hiring hall” would offer a great opportunity for checking on “immigrant” status as people were picked up for temporary work and the passing out of 1099s; not that anyone would dare try to enforce our nations immigration laws here or anywhere else for that matter.

Is Southampton an example of one of the two Americas Edwards has been talking about for a couple years now?


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