Monday, October 26, 2015

Show Notes 10-25-15

Sunday show 10-25-15

$240,000 Awarded in Religious Discrimination Suit
A federal court awarded $240,000 to two former drivers, Somalian-American Muslims whose religious beliefs were violated by an Illinois trucking company. According to the Peoria Journal Star, Morton, Ill.-based Star Transport Inc. was sued in 2013 by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
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New video purportedly shows US-Kurdish raid against ISIS
The Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq released a video Sunday purportedly showing the joint raid of a prison by U.S. and Kurdish peshmerga forces in which they released 70 hostages held by the Islamic State group.
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Somebody Is Carving Select Cuts from Canadian Cows and Leaving Their Corpses in the Field
Ranchers in British Columbia are complaining that someone is going around shooting their cows and carving out select cuts, leaving the bulk of the corpses behind.
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Virgin bride presents 'certificate of purity' to dad at wedding
A newlywed bride is defending her choice to present her dad with a "certificate of purity" that allegedly proves she remained a virgin until her wedding day. Brelyn Bowman married Timothy Bowman on Saturday, Oct. 10.
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Bacon to be listed alonside cigarettes; abestos as carcinogens
To the gastronomic horror of many, The Daily Mail reported this week that the WHO is set to list beef, bacon and sausage alongside cigarettes and asbestos as cancer causing agents.
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Freedom Caucus lies in wait for Paul Ryan
A staunch conservative member of Congress says the House Freedom Caucus may have its heart in the right place, but its tactics are counterproductive and actually aid the political opposition.
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New York man builds own country in Utah
A New York man is building his own sovereign nation called Zaqistan on a remote piece of land in Utah. Zaq Landsberg has created a yellow-and-red flag, official-looking passports and a border patrol gate guarded by a giant robot sentry for the realm, KSL-TV reported.
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Vatican synod calls for a more welcoming Catholic Church
Pope Francis on Sunday appeared to lecture church elders at the closing of a landmark summit on the family here, suggesting they should not be quick to exclude a broad array of people deserving of God’s grace.
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Judge dismisses Wikipedia lawsuit over Freedom Caucus  surveillance program
A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Friday filed by the publisher of Wikipedia over allegations that the National Security Agency was spying on its users, ruling that the plaintiffs did not have enough information to plausibly make their claim.
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Study: 69% of Patients on Antidepressants Are Not Clinically Depressed
Sixty-nine percent, or more than two-thirds of patients currently using the most commonly prescribed antidepressant medications, “never met the criteria for major depressive disorder,” according to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.
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Wayne State University programs offers chance at free medical education
Wayne State University plans to pay for the medical education of 10 students each year as part of an effort to help more students from low-income backgrounds become doctors.
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