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Show Notes 10-22-2015

Thursday show 10-22-15

Obama Vetoes Defense Bill
President Barack Obama vetoed a sweeping $612 billion defense policy bill on Thursday, returning the measure to the Republican-controlled Congress because of the way it uses money meant for war spending to avoid automatic budget cuts to military programs.
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Congress Hampering Probes of VA Abuse of Power: Department Officials
A U.S. House of Representatives inquiry into allegations that senior executives at the Veterans Affairs Department abused their positions of authority hampers ongoing investigations, agency officials said.
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Texas Agents Raid Planned Parenthood Offices
Texas sent agents to Planned Parenthood facilities on Thursday seeking documents, the group said, calling it a "politically motivated" move that comes on the heels of the state's Republican leaders barring it from receiving Medicaid money.
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Three states sue federal Govt over unconsitutional ObamaCare tax
Attorneys general for Texas, Kansas and Louisiana filed a joint lawsuit Thursday against the federal government in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas over what they claim is an “unconstitutional” Obamacare tax that will cost the 50 states more than $14 billion over the next decade.
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DOJ Gives 'Exceptional Service' Award to Team That Investigated Ferguson Police
Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday recognized 279 Justice Department employees for distinguished public service, giving top honors to the team responsible for "the thorough investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri, Police Department."
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Mississippi, Washington cities sued over charges they maintain "debtors' prisons"
The city of Biloxi, Mississippi is the latest municipality accused of running a 'modern day debtors’ prison,' in which poor people are forced to languish behind bars because they cannot pay court imposed fees and fines.
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Russia to have military unit stationed in Arctic by 2018
Sergei Shoigu told Russian news agencies on Thursday that the "creation and arming" of the Arctic military unit should be completed by 2018. Shoigu also said Russia is building several new bases in the Arctic as well as rebuilding six Soviet-era air bases there
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Migrant converts to Christianity gets beaten with baton
Germany’s Middle Eastern migrants are making themselves at home – by attacking Christian converts. Officials in Hamburg-Eidelstedt have launched an investigation into an Iranian man beaten for converting to Christianity, the Express reported Wednesday.
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