Friday, October 30, 2015

Show Notes 10-29-15

Thursday show 10-29-15

China to end decades-old 1-child policy, allow 2 children
China said Thursday it would allow all married couples to have two children, signaling the end after 35 years to its drastic and unpopular "one-child" policy that has been blamed for skewing the gender balance, forcing women into unwanted abortions and bringing about a rapidly aging workforce.
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Overseas media expect China's 13th 5-year plan to bear on world economic development
Many overseas media expect China's 13th Five-Year Plan under discussion at the fifth plenary session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee from Monday to Thursday to have a major bearing on the trajectory of world economic development.
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Beijing to guide new companies under relaxed foreign investment rules
Beijing City has promised to draft guidelines to manage the new companies sure to emerge after the central government relaxed market entry rules to allow more foreign investment in the capital's service sector on Tuesday.
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This day in history: John Hancock resigns as president of Congress
John Hancock resigns his position as president of the Continental Congress, due to a prolonged illness, on this day in 1777. Hancock was the first member of the Continental Congress to sign the Declaration of Independence and is perhaps best known for his bold signature on the ground-breaking document.
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EPA recruits youth to promote climate change agenda
In a video posted on YouTube, the Environmental Protection Agency is asking young people to join a work group of “youth climate justice leaders.”
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Obama nemesis Hobby Lobby probed for allegedly buying black market biblical items
As the world’s foremost collector of rare biblical artifacts, Steven Green may have made a deal with the devil - helping to preserve Iraq’s disappearing Christian heritage by allegedly buying black market items plundered by the Islamic State.
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