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Show Notes 07/18/2013

Show Notes Thursday 07/18/13

Sustainable Oil?
About 80 miles off of the coast of Louisiana lies a mostly submerged mountain, the top of which is known as Eugene Island. The portion underwater is an eerie-looking, sloping tower jutting up from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, with deep fissures and perpendicular faults which spontaneously spew natural gas.

Coloradans faced with thugs opposing recall
Colorado voters attempting to recall two state lawmakers who helped pass a rash of draconian gun control laws that were rammed through the legislature now charge that Chicago-style thug tactics are being used to get them to recant their signatures.

Detroit declares bankruptcy
After years of hand wringing over the state of affairs in the rust belt hub that has struggled in recent years perhaps more than any other large city in America, it’s official: Detroit has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection.

Armed forces finding their reasons to serve
Every civilian has a different reason for enlisting -- some are looking for a new start in life, some want to serve their country, and some simply want to protect it. For applicant Geoffrey Auza, who will join as a 74D nuclear, chemical, biological specialist, enlisting in the Army provides an opportunity to give back while also gaining a U.S. citizenship.

Gin-soaked raisins alleviate pain
Periodically, certain folk remedies recirculate and garner fresh attention.
We have seen it happen with bee sting therapy for joint pain, lavender under a pillow for sleep and chicken soup for colds.

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