Saturday, July 27, 2013

Show Notes 07/25/13

Show Notes Thursday 07/25/13

Special guest; Edward Riepe, author of FemaCamp37

$500K to See How Oil Industry Impacts Domestic Violence, Rape in Dakotas, Montana
The National Institute of Justice is planning to spend $500,000 in federal funds to see if the booming oil industry has impacted domestic violence, dating violence, rape, and stalking in North Dakota and South Dakota and Montana.

U.S. military introduces 'Robo-Warrior' to Americans
A state-of-the-art humanoid "Robo-Warrior" was introduced to Americans on Thursday in Waltham, Mass., and homeland security, anti-terrorism and warfare will never be the same if the claims of its effectiveness prove true, according to police and military leaders.

GMOs: Researchers debate the safety of genetically modified foods
Seventy percent of items in American grocery stores contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – ingredients that have been scientifically engineered in laboratories to enhance certain traits such as insect, disease and water resistance.

A list of 19 children recently arrested for trivial things
More and more children are being arrested for trivial things, here is a list of 19. Apparently the world is changing fast. Things are not going as they should. The following list was compiled by Policing the Police Facebook

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