Friday, July 19, 2013

Military communities brace for 'hardship' as defense furloughs take effect

This just pisses me off. 

From Fox News:

Officials at military bases and other DoD facilities will have some flexibility in scheduling days off. But the furloughs will nevertheless result in non-essential civilian workers missing one paid workday a week -- a roughly 20 percent pay cut -- over the next three months.

This pisses me off because, one: when you are furloughed by the government you get back pay when the furlough is over and two: if you cannot survive without losing one days' pay you are a dufus and you and your family have made some very bad choices. Brian and I live on a fixed income that does not and will not change, EVER.  We have cut back on every expense we could, including not having Direct TV. I am sick and tired of all the whining and entitlement mentality that is pervasive in America now. 

And how many of these civilian jobs are redundant and need to be eliminated? The government is to big, all of it. So, suck it up people, because if it was up to me all the agencies would go bye bye! I'm only sorry that they started and maybe finished at the Defense Dept, it should start at the executive branch, starting with President "Caesar" Obama.

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