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Show Notes 08/07/2014

Thursday Show 8/7/14

Founding Fathers refute Obama's Muslim fabric
President Obama’s remarks thanking Muslims for “building the very fabric of our nation” and claiming they were in part responsible for “the core of our democracy” have left many in and outside of Washington scratching their heads. But the Founding Fathers would find the comments even more baffling.
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Richmond-area school to keep ‘Rebels’ team name
A Richmond-area public high school will keep “Rebels” as its team name after a student-led protest called attention to plans by the administration to field a new mascot without ties to the Confederacy.
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In rare move Universtiy grants 22k scholarship to undocumented student
In a rare move for U.S. higher education, Rutgers University has awarded a full scholarship to an undocumented immigrant, allowing him to finish his last two years of college and receive his bachelor’s degree.
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'The Big Bang Theory' actors get $25,000 an hour
Call it the ultimate revenge of the nerds -- or, at least, the actors playing nerds. The cast of the hit CBS (CBS) show "The Big Bang Theory" are receiving stunning raises for the upcoming seasons. Cast members portraying Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny will now make $1 million each an episode. That's akin to what the 'Friends' actors got at the end of that show's historic run -- and it's a big boost from the $300,000 per show they were receiving this past season.
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President Obama, Congress Invited to Free 'America' Movie Screening
President Barack Obama and hundreds of other powerful members of government were sent letters this week inviting them to a free screening of America, the docudrama from conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza.
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When it comes to Cancer the benefits of Aspirin may outweigh the risk
A new study in Annals of Oncology finds that the benefits of daily aspirin may outweigh the risks, at least when it comes to cancers of the digestive tract – bowel, stomach and esophageal.
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Computer Games Better Than Medication in Treating Elderly Depression
Computer games could help in treating older people with depression who haven't been helped by antidepressant drugs or other treatments for the disorder, researchers say.
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