Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Snooper Report

Brian received this e-mail from Mark Harvey and he wants to share it.

Just an update.

On 1.2.14, the day after I did mt farewell BTR show for Tim "Loki" Kerlin, I went to the hospital thinking I had a stroke.  After the hospital, I went to a Rehab/Nursing Home for 4 weeks and a day.  So, for 5 weeks and a day, I thought I had a stroke so recovery should have gone better than it was.  Well...

I went to a neurologist and we both looked at the MRIs and the CatSacans and he discovered that I did not have a stroke at all.

I was at the hospital, I told several doctors that I had a lump on my left hand neck and they said at first that it was brain cancer but soon learned later that it was a benign tumor.  Imagine that.  I told them to take it out and they said
I would have to wait 6 months while I recovered from the stroke.  I said that is BS but they wouldn't do the surgery.

So, over three months later, more MRIs and CatScans and Sonograms were done and they said, "Hey! You have a tumor that is rubbing on the carotid artery giving you stroke-like symptoms.  I said, "Good thing you maroons don't listen to the paying customer, eh?"  I told them that on 1.3.14!

So, anyway, as I write this note right handed, I am now waiting for a shoulder surgeon to repair 2 each torn tendons and 1 each torn ligament on the left shoulder and work on the left wrist which can't move and a tumor doctor ( ears nose and throat) to take care of this crap from the tumor.

I have been writing books and what-not seeing that politics wears me out now and here is the link for the PUBLISHED books, not the pdf forms.

The Biblical Basis of the American Federal Constitution and The Whole Armour of God are also on Ebooks where you can download them into whatever you have to read them on.  I do believe that the errors and corrections are now taken care of.

I have many more to publish but it is difficult just using the right hand.

So, there is my 3-month update.