Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Show Notes 04/06/2014

Sunday Show 4/6/14

The Bill Of Rights has been revoked
While you were focused on the missing Airliner, there was a little case being heard in front of the Supreme Court called U.S. v. Castleman. The case was a landmark win for the gun control left wing, but what no one realized, is that our Constitution no longer affords us “rights.”

North Dakota most trusted state: Illinois least
The people of North Dakota put more trust and confidence in their state government than people in any other state, while the people of Illinois put the least.

First Lady tells children bees are good
First lady Michelle Obama told school children Wednesday that the White House garden is going to help restore the dying bee population.

Church fight club pits Pastor against Pastor
A new documentary examines the relationship between Christianity and mixed martial arts as it follows a group of pugilistic pastors who would rather beat each other up in the cage than do as Jesus and turn the other cheek.

Catholic Bishop says Sen. Durbin not permitted to receive Holy Communion
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is “not permitted to receive Holy Communion” under the law of the Catholic Church, according to Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, who heads the diocese of Springfield, Ill., which is Durbin’s home city.