Monday, October 22, 2012

Show notes 10/18/2012

Uncooperative Radio Show Notes: Thursday 14/18/12

Influence peddling runs deep in energy loan deal
The White House contends that all energy loan guarantees, including the more than $500 million given to now-bankrupt solar firm Solyndra, are awarded solely on the merits of the project, with no political influence from President Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden or other administration officials.

IRS says tax avoidance is the heart of Solyndra's bankruptcy 
The Internal Revenue Service urged a bankruptcy judge to reject solar panel maker Solyndra LLC’s bankruptcy plan Wednesday, saying it amounts to little more than an avenue for owners of an empty corporate shell to avoid paying taxes.

Rich worried and buying ad time 
He's not running for office. He's not part of a super PAC. He's not lobbying for or against any ballot measures. But billionaire Thomas Peterffy is spending millions on television ads this election season with one cautionary message: Avoid socialism.

Military focusing on special forces' health 
Sometime around Christmas in 2006, Lisa Nantz received an urgent call from the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.