Friday, June 22, 2012

U.S. family jailed for Holder's gun crimes

By now thanks to some "attack dog" Congressmen that would not back off the investigation of Fast and Furious, you should all know that the US Justice Department is in the hot seat. But did you know this?

From World Net Daily:
But while that investigation has dragged on, with Attorney General Eric Holder denying knowledge of the program, denying knowledge of who was involved and denying congressional investigators access to tens of thousands of documents that might answer those questions, New Mexico gun dealer Rick Reese and his two sons Ryin and Remington have sat rotting in separate detention centers, jails and prisons around the state accused of a similar crime involving some 30 guns. The Reese family, including Rick’s wife Terri, ran a gun shop in Deming, N.M., and was arrested in late August of 2011 on charges of knowingly selling guns to Mexican smugglers and various other related charges.

Please read the entire article and pass it around. This administration needs to go down in flames folks, starting with the President. I say IMPEACH his ass. Yea, I know it won't happen in the Senate, but at least the American people will be given the chance to vet the President once and for all. He must be tried for "high crimes and misdemeanors", like yesterday, for all the unconstitutional actions he has perpetrated on "We the People"