Thursday, May 10, 2012


Brian and I were listening to a conservative talk radio show and heard an interview with one of the "occupy anywhere" idiots in NY say that they wanted a government like Cuba. Cuba was a wonderful place to live they said. Well, Brian found this wonderful expose about Cuba, something everyone in America should read as well.

There is not only one Cuba. There are several. One for the ruling class and another for tourists, diplomats and other foreign visitors. These two are very similar. However, there is another country for those who do not receive any of the $800 million dollars sent yearly to the island by Miami-based exiles, and who do not have relatives working in foreign corporations or mixed-capital enterprises. Those who are forced to live, along with their families, solely with national currency, with no access to dollar-based stores. This text concerns such people. Because there are other Cubas, smaller and forgotten.

Please go and read the rest of the story. I love the following list of food rationing that occurs in the wonderful country of Cuba. I wonder what that "occupy anywhere" idiot would do if they were told they could not have a mocha latte ever again. :(

Distribution of food and other products under the Rationing Card {libreta de racionamiento} in Havana:
Monthly, per person: 6 pounds of rice 3 pounds of brown sugar 3 pounds of refined sugar 20 ounces of beans (green peas or lentils) 12 ounces of coffee Half a liter of oil (every two or three months) 10 ounces of salt One quarter pound of ground beef/soy mixture Half a pound of mortadella (every two months) 1 pound of fish 6 eggs 1 bar of laundry soap (every two months) 1 bar of bath soap (every two months) 1, 80-gram, loaf of soft bread, (daily) 1 tube of toothpaste (every two months for three people)