Monday, May 03, 2010

Obama Gives Unions a 'Massive Payback' with Executive Order, Contractors Claim

This is one of the most important blog posts that I feel I have ever done. This is a dangerous executive order. And mind you, this executive order was issued April of 2009, just five short months into his term in office.
from CNSNews.COM
The nation’s non-union contractors, who constitute the bulk of the construction industry, say President Obama has given a “massive payback” to unions by implementing an executive order that would help them secure billions of dollars in construction contracts on public projects -- and a House Republican congressman agrees.

The executive order, implemented in mid-April, encourages federal agencies to use “project labor agreements” or PLAs on their construction projects, which could require any non-union workers to pay into ailing union pension funds and follow work guidelines set out by a union.

You have got to read the whole thing, and get "the rest of the story". This is truly disturbing. And how is this going to affect "illegals" in the construction industry one has to ask? Please pass this information forward.
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