Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mike Malloy's Brain on Puree: Yells That 'Tea Bagger Freaks' Want to Eat and Breathe Poison

It seems that the left is fighting back against "us". The regular folks who are not "progressing towards communism".

From NewsBusters.org;

On Friday night, ranting leftist radio host Mike Malloy attacked conservative and libertarian "tea bagger freaks" for opposing Big Government, which he equated with "You want to eat poison! You want to breathe poison"

That was the first attack. This is the next attack.

Ratigan Goes Nuts: Accuses Tea Party Organizer of Including People who Want to 'Kill Blacks and Jew.
You almost need a flak jacket to go on an MSNBC show these days - at least judging by the rapid fire attacks displayed on the March 2 "The Dylan Ratigan Show."

Either host Dylan Ratigan was trying to play to MSNBC's rabid liberal audience or he really has it in for the Tea Party movement based on some exaggerated notion it is nothing but hate and fear mongers

The hell with the Flak jacket. I say your gonna need full body armor, and flame retardant clothing.
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