Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama Moves to Centralize Control Over Party Strategy

Both parties need to go. They are so outside of their constitutional powers, it isn't even funny. But, I blame "We The People", for these dire state of affairs. Take back your school house, take back your county, take back your states. The "elected cockroaches", that we ignored and just stood by and allowed to stay in office, are entrenched. They will not "go so silently into that dark night", without kicking and screaming. Personally, I'd love to kick them all and hear them scream.

From The NY Times:
President Obama is reconstituting the team that helped him win the White House to counter Republican challenges in the midterm elections and recalibrate after political setbacks that have narrowed his legislative ambitions. Mr. Obama has asked his former campaign manager, David Plouffe, to oversee House, Senate and governor’s races to stave off a hemorrhage of seats in the fall. The president ordered a review of the Democratic political operation — from the White House to party committees — after last week’s Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race, aides said.

In addition to Mr. Plouffe, who will primarily work from the Democratic National Committee in consultation with the White House, several top operatives from the Obama campaign will be dispatched across the country to advise major races as part of the president’s attempt to take greater control over the midterm elections, aides said.

My Uncooperative Readers; I will ask the question, how many times have you heard the words, "take over", and "control". Enough said.