Monday, January 18, 2010

Leftist Leaders Say U.S. Is Using Relief Mission As Pretext to Occupy Haiti

From CNSNews:

The United States is using the humanitarian crisis in Haiti as an excuse to occupy the earthquake-hit island nation, two of Washington’s most vocal leftist critics in Latin America implied at the weekend.

To support the massive aid operation following last Tuesday’s devastating quake, the U.S. was set to have up to 10,000 troops on the ground or in the waters off Haiti by early this week

But the presence of 82nd Airborne Division troops at Port-au-Prince airport, Air Force C-17s ferrying in equipment, water and supplies and the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson equipped with 19 helicopters off Haiti, along with the news that more troops and assets including a hospital ship are on their way, raised suspicions in some quarters.

“What is happening in Haiti seriously concerns me as U.S. troops have already taken control of the airport,” Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said late Friday.

You had to know this was coming down the pipe. Ortega's like a dictator right? He was elected how many times? And then, you of course, had to know the man that loves to hate the United States of America, had to weigh in.

On Sunday Chavez weighed in, using his weekly television and radio show to question U.S. motives in Haiti, and accusing it of “occupying Haiti undercover.”

“[President] Obama, stop sending troops to Haiti, send doctors,” the official Venezuelan ABN news agency quoted him as saying. “Haiti does not need troops.”

These people do know, we are spending more taxpayer dollars to send our troops over to that hell hole. As well as, the American people donating more money to all the charities that are helping the people of Haiti. Besides, Baracus Obamanous doesn't have the guts to take over anything. Oh wait, just our freedom.
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