Friday, January 15, 2010

Irrelevant Behar & Guests Attack Relevant Palin with Lame Jokes

You pieces of crap left wing socialist commie fascists bastards, how dare you project your stupid teleprompting commie President on to Sarah Palin. Yes, project, because they cannot look in the mirror. They can only "project" who they are on to everyone else. Remember it, and keep it close to your heart when you Patriots deal with these people.

From News Busters:
In what must be an effort to remind the public she has a show on a network most people don't know exists, HLN's Joy Behar (and guests) continue their hackneyed on-air hate fest against Sarah Palin, characterizing the former Alaska governor as a "dumb" woman who parades her disabled child "around more than a joint at a Grateful Dead concert." After all, continually bashing a popular public figure with cliché jokes will make an irrelevant show, a little more relevant, right?

On last night's "Joy Behar Show," Behar and her panel - liberal talk show host Stephanie Miller and Huffington Post editor Roy Sekoff - discussed Palin's debut as a Fox News contributor. It didn't take long before the trio started to participate in the latest liberal pastime: Palin-bashing.

Sekoff is quick to pull out the personal insults, saying Palin doesn't need to "dumb" herself down for the FOX News audience because she's dumb to begin with. Sekoff then claims Palin will do fine as a contributor, so long as her teleprompter behaves (emphasis mine; transcripts via

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