Monday, December 07, 2009

Weather Talk: 2009 Atlantic hurricane season was a quiet one

My Dad lives in Florida now and Brian I lived in North Florida for seven years on five acres with our chickens, goats, rabbits and pigs. Every year we knew that there would be hurricanes, tornadoes, massive lighting strikes, and tropical storms. So what's up with this season? What's up with this? Is it "global warming"? No, wait, "global climate change"? Or maybe it's because of "global cooling". Your guess is as good as mine, because God knows, the experts haven't a clue. So read this and let me know what you think, my Uncooperative Readers.


The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season officially ended Nov. 30, and, from the point of view of the hurricanes, it was a dud. For people living along the Gulf and Atlantic seaboards, it was a pleasant breather. Across the Atlantic basin, there were only nine named tropical systems and just three that reached hurricane force.

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