Friday, November 06, 2009

Update: Stop Pelosi Care!

I just received this email from dick Army:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to ram her healthcare bill through tomorrow, November 7th. We are asking all FreedomWorks members around the country to make urgent phone calls today and tomorrow to the swing votes in the House. Click here to begin calling these key 21 House Members to tell them to VOTE NO on Pelosi-Care.

If you have even 15 minutes today, please also go visit your local Congressional office and tell the staff that your Congressman should VOTE NO on Pelosi-Care tomorrow. You can find a list of congressional offices here.

Finally, if you live in DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia, please join us tomorrow at 1:00pm on the East Steps of the US Capitol Building in Washington, as we stand outside in solidarity against Pelosi-Care. This is our last chance to convince the Congressmen who haven't made up their minds to VOTE NO.

Now we have an online tool, so start using it!

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