Friday, November 06, 2009

Both Sides Spin The 2009 election Results

LLPSCFB Glen Contrarian claims the Election Day 2009: A Tactical Victory for Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives


Dave Nalle claims victory for Republicans

I care for neither analysis, it looks like people are tired of government taxing and spending, this is not a democrat or republican victory. We the people are fed up with paying hire taxes, government waste and mortgaging our grand children's future!

Meanwhile Libertarian Republican is all happy about the fact that GOP officials believe that as many as 50 to 70 elected officials on the county level throughout Texas could be switching from Democrat to Republican by the filing date for the 2010 elections. The news comes to us from Bryan Preston, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Texas out of Austin.

Why? They will still be the same people they were before except with a D after their names. He is happy the Republican party is going to have more liberals in it? This is the opposite of what needs to happen to the republican party! McCain and the NY 23rd district race should have proved that to the party, they chose a lefty republicans and the people repudiated them.

The parties ARE the problem, the Constitution IS the solution.

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