Monday, October 12, 2009

Readers’ Ideas on Obama’s Nobel $ Award

I am always hesitant to take any article from "the old grey lady", but this is kinda fun; In a sick political way. The fact that "our President", or as I like to call him, "El Presidente", wait, no, "Comrade Obama", no, wait, wait, "The Great Socialist", no, "the Great Community Organizer in charge," no, no, no, "The Anointed One", Oh what the helllll! He just has toooo many names so, here's the article.

From The New York Times;

Of course, Saturday’s post wasn’t intended as a snarky directive to the White House. The president and his aides surely have their own ideas as to how to invest the prize money in various causes. This was merely an invitation to find out what issues/causes/foundations come to your minds when, and if, you pause to ponder donating such a sizable sum to something in sore need of a financial windfall.

And the suggestions do run the gamut, from financing more cancer research, to quite a few goals for improving education among children in the United States, to promoting international peace or reducing the nuclear weapons arsenal or tackling AIDS around the world. (And those simply contending that the funds could be used to pay down the national debt.)

To that aim, here reprinted are some of your recommendations, (a few excerpted, not in full):

Pressing Domestic Issues

Donate all of it towards cancer research. Imagine a world without cancer. It would be a little more peaceful than it is now, don’t you think? — Carl Billadeau

I hope he gives it to “community trusts” in some of the cities/areas hurt most by the recession. (cleveland, detroit for example have had such trusts for a long long time) It could really make a difference and by giving it to a community trust; the leaders of those communities can decide which organizations would benefit most from grants. — Josie

There is a lot more suggestions, you'll just have to follow the link and read them all. But in the mean time. I would like to have input from my Uncooperative Readers and Bloggers about this subject. Should He have gotten the Prize? And, as a conservative, what would you do with the money? And as a socialist, commie, what do you all think He should do with the money? Thoughts, comments?
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