Sunday, September 27, 2009

NYT Tries to Deflect Charges of Bias, Announces 'Opinion Media' Editor

Now this is interesting.

From Newsbusters;

The New York Times announced today that it would appoint an editor to monitor 'opinion media'. In an attempt to respond to criticism that it has been too slow to pick up on stories first reported by conservative blogs and talk show hosts, the Times acknowledged poor coverage, but denied a political agenda.

The self-proclaimed 'paper of record' was extremely slow in picking up on two recent stories. The first, the 'trutherism' of former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, was initially reported by Pajamas Media, and later by Glenn Beck on his Fox News talk show. The Times did not cover the story until after Jones had resigned.

So, how many conservative blogs are they monitoring as well. Not to mention the Conservative Talk Radio Shows on the internet like; The Uncooperative Radio Show. And now the Old Grey Lady, the bastion of all that is the "Liberal, Commie" media, will be using us as their information source. This is just Fabulous! Keep up the pressure people, it's working. We will get our country back, even if it takes us one inch at a

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