Thursday, November 01, 2007

U.N. agencies' budgets eyed

Gee, it is about time....

From The Washington Times:
The United States has started a new initiative to force dozens of U.N. independent agencies to publish detailed budgets in an effort to see how U.S. contributions are being spent, an official said yesterday.

U.S. diplomat Mark Wallace said the United States intended to use its muscle as one of the largest contributors to the agencies to persuade administrators to make the changes, rather than seeking support for a resolution.

"We're not seeking co-sponsors on this," said Mr. Wallace, who oversees management and administration issues for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. "We think it's important enough to do ourselves for now."

The U.S. Mission has circulated a list of eight demands for the U.N. Secretariat and its agencies, funds and programs aimed at bringing transparency and accountability to traditionally murky areas.

The initiative is called the U.N. Transparency and Accountability Initiative, or UNTAI. The U.S. Mission has tried to build support for the initiative by distributing made-in-China lapel pins saying 'UNTAI,' but so far Mr. Wallace has been the only diplomat seen wearing them.

The U.N. system includes some two dozen agencies of varying independence, including UNICEF, the World Food Program, the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) and the U.N. Population Fund.

Most fund their programs with voluntary contributions, and Mr. Wallace hinted that Washington may be reluctant to continue funding programs that reject the suggestions.

The United States pays close to $3 billion annually to U.N. entities, including assessed contributions to the operating budget and peacekeeping, and voluntary contributions to programs that protect refugees and children, and foster health and development around the world.
This is a corrupt, useless debating club and we should be done with it by now. Come on, we have to fight for the U.N. books to be open to it's biggest contributor? I would like to see the U.N. turned into a homeless shelter.

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