Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Titles: The Second Amendment report, followed by the “Political Smack down.”
Let’s Rumble!!

Subjects: The Second Amendment report, starting with: Indiana Court Ignores
"Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act". Then the Armed Citizen
Report. The Political Smaaackk Down!


Indiana Court Ignores
"Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act"

Rendell is moved to renew fight for tougher gun laws

House OKs first federal ban on job discrimination against gays

Youths Say: What's Democrat, Republican?

Iraq war not covered in $460B


Title: Illegal Alien Weekly Roundup. Homeland Security and Army helicopters.
Then Brian does Geo-Politics.

Subjects: Illegal Alien Weekly Roundup. Then what’s up with Homeland
Security and Army helicopters. And Brian goes once again around the world with


Since When do Students Dictate Police Policy? Or a School
Determine Who Can Go On Church Property?

Illegal working at school arrested for photographing students’ butts

Army Spends Billions on Helicopters With Crucial Flaw: They Overheat,2933,310283,00.html


Title: A surprise three hour show! Starting with: It’s Veterans day. Our
military heroes. The Ups and downs for the week. All things religious.

Subjects: It’s Veterans day lets remember our heroes past and

present. Our Military heroes behind
the scenes. The Ups and downs for the week. All things religious, Affirmative Action, and
schooling our kids; listen to a lively debate with our listeners.


CAIR Targets Another Conservative Talk Show Host

Britain 'No
Longer Christian,' Says Influential Liberal Think Tank

Outsourcing Wombs in India

Bush Honors Veterans Day in Texas;
Cheney Supports Vets at Arlington Cemetery,2933,310468,00.html

Warming Skeptic,2933,309781,00.html

Fixing multi-million dollar 'toys': 1st Air Cavalry
troopers hit their 200th Phase

Happy Veteran's Day!

France, US Will Be Allies 'Forever,' Sarkozy Tells Congress

From the Political Grapevine

Conscientious Objections

About Face

Southern Discomfort,2933,310296,00.html

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