Thursday, November 01, 2007

50 Taliban Killed or Wounded in Southern Afghan Battle

Some good news!

From FNC:
A six-hour battle in southern Afghanistan left over 50 Taliban fighters killed or wounded, while a homicide bomber targeting a police patrol ended in three civilian deaths, officials said Monday.

U.S.-led coalition forces raided a compound in the northeast suspected of housing Al Qaeda facilitators, killing several militants on Sunday, a coalition statement said.

In the south, NATO-led troops and Afghan army soldiers launched an attack in Baluch village in Uruzgan province during a gathering of local Taliban on Sunday, said Juma Gul Himat, the provincial police chief.

"More than 50 enemies were killed or wounded" and 13 others detained during the joint operation, a statement from Afghanistan's Defense Ministry said.[snip...]

"This was a well-led and well-coordinated engagement, with the Afghan National Army and ISAF working in conjunction with each other," [major] Anthony said.[snip...]

The clash follows a large-scale engagement in neighboring Helmand province, where some 80 militants were killed during a weekend operation conducted by U.S. Special Forces.
This is my kind of news! The war on terror will likely out live me, but we have to keep plugging, because the terrorists are going nowhere.

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