Friday, August 10, 2007

Troops memorial vandalized twice in one week

This is disgusting...

From the Union Leader:
A memorial to U.S. troops, part of a collection of vehicles at the Beaver Brook Transportation Museum, has been vandalized twice in the past week, leaving owner Eddie Gilbert heartbroken and disgusted.

The memorial, a military recovery vehicle and mine sweeper used in Operation Desert Storm, was parked on the edge of Gilbert's museum on Brook Road. Inside was a military uniform, and atop the large machine were military flags. Gilbert said the display was his way of honoring soldiers who fought in wars both past and present.

But on Sunday, and again on Monday, someone tried to destroy the memorial, first by stealing the flags and the uniform, then by smashing windows in the vehicle, peeling off the U.S. sticker, and scratching anti-Semitic slurs and the message "Death to America" into the door.

"The people who did this obviously take what the soldiers in our military do for granted," said Gilbert. "I'm deeply saddened that someone would put so much effort into doing something so wrong. They desecrated a memorial, but they also desecrated everything we had to say and everything it represents."

Gilbert has owned the transportation museum for the past 26 years, and has a massive collection of vehicles, including trains, planes and automobiles, that span the country's transportation history. The museum is opened to the public each year around the Christmas holidays, though during the last year, Gilbert and his wife Beth have been spending their time rebuilding after a large tree crashed down on the museum during a storm.

Part of the rebuilding effort has included the creation of a new military exhibit that will show a timeline of military transportation throughout the country's history. The minesweeper is an integral part of that exhibit, but the damage done to the machine has set Gilbert back both in time and money.

"It's going to be very expensive to repair," said Gilbert, who just began undergoing chemotherapy for cancer in his back, "and it's going to take time that I just don't have."
I have a question to all you Che Guevara left wing American hating citizens out there, is this ok with you? Since when did it become ok to be racists on the Left? Have you now become, jew haters and anti-white? Have those of you on the Left of color become brown Nazis? This country is in serious trouble...

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