Friday, August 31, 2007

Ryan Horsley looking at appointment to Congress

From Ryan Horsley owner of Red's Trading Post:

It appears that Senator Craig will be resigning today, despite how some feel Larry Craig was one of the strongest supporters of the Second Amendment. Governor Butch Otter will now pick a replacement to fill his seat, the contenders are Congressman Mike Simspon and Lt. Governor Jim Risch. If Simpson is appointed this will leave his Congressional seat open to be filled, which also happens to be in my district. I have had several people suggesting that I should be appointed to Craig's seat, but I feel that I at this time I would be better suited to the House of Representatives.

The Second Amendment is very important to me and I would strongly defend it. Please contact Governor Otter and let him know how important the Second Amendment is to you as well, it does not matter if you are a resident of the State, we all have a stake in this.
Ryan Horsley