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Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett Prelimary Hearing

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It's interesting to read two different stories about the hearing for BPA Corbett. Neither story includes all the information which I had found back in February and April (Mama don't raise your child to become an illegal alien and Another BP Agent Charged with murder ).

If you are first hearing about this case I strongly suggest you read my postings first and then go to:

Arizona Daily Star - Border agent's first - degree count tossed

At least the Daily Star included this information…
During their cross-examinations, defense attorneys questioned the decision by the Cochise County Sheriff's Department not to separate the witnesses immediately after the shooting. They also accused the Mexican government of trying to influence the testimonies of the slain man's brothers and sister-in-law by providing them with food, clothes and lodging, and arranging for visas for them to remain in the United States while the case runs it course.and snip….Defense attorney Daniel Santander saved the most direct questions for the final witness of the day: Cochise County sheriff's Detective Wendy Adney. He questioned her about the handling of the investigation, asked her why her report was incomplete, and at one point asked: "Who was in charge of this investigation? The Cochise County Sheriff's or the Mexican Consulate?"
She defended her decision to allow the consulate to speak with the witnesses and tried to defend most of her actions, but she didn't have explanations for many of the conclusions she reached in the report.
The criticisms were echoed by Brandon Judd, vice president of Local 2544, the Arizona Chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, the agents' union. He called it a "one-sided" investigation and accused Cochise County of allowing the Mexican Consulate to influence its actions.

Then check out the Washington Post story - Border Agent to Face Murder Charge
I especially liked the intro to the story here:
A Border Patrol agent accused of fatally shooting a Mexican who sneaked into the U.S. will stand trial on a second-degree murder charge, a judge ruled Monday as he dropped a more serious count.

SNEAKED?? Is this how the WaPo classifies aliens illegally entering the country? The WaPo makes it sound like it was just BP Agent Corbett and the 3 illegal alien brothers but in reality there were in excess of a dozen illegal aliens surrounding Corbett, yelling at Corbett and making gestures at Corbett. As I said in my previous posts was Corbett to wait until the rock was thrown and then take offensive action? Using rocks is a common and deadly practice utilized by illegal aliens which have resulted in serious head injuries and death to other agents. You just have to see a picture of some of the vehicles of agents with the bars outside the vehicle windows to protect the agents from rocks to understand the severity of this tactic by illegal aliens.

The WaPo makes NO MENTION of the Mexican government involvement nor the fact that the witnesses were not separated. Perception from my view is the WaPo gives significant credence to 3 illegal aliens who are family members as opposed to credence from a US Border Patrol Agent.


h/t to American Patrol Report for the links to the two above stories.

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