Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The New Republic's "Shock Troops": Fact or Fiction?

I smell a rat...

From the Weekly Standard:
The New Republic runs a piece in this week's issue titled "Shock Troops" (sub. req.) and authored by Scott Thomas--described by the magazine as a "pseudonym for a soldier currently serving in Baghdad." "Thomas" is the author of two previous dispatches from Iraq for the New Republic, both of which recount deeply disturbing anecdotes (in one, an Iraqi boy who calls himself James Bond has his tongue cut out for talking to Americans; in the other, dogs feast on a corpse in the street). His latest piece is even more disturbing. It recounts several instances of gross misconduct by the men in his unit, some of which are, to echo the title of his piece, deeply shocking--If they are true--a big if, according to several people with experience in Iraq. One described it to me as sounding like a "pastiche of the 'This is no bullshit . . . stories soldiers like to tell."
Go and check out all the stories, but so far no one can corroborate one fact in his writings. The Weekly Standard asked the blogosphere to help at getting at the truth, especially the Milbloggers, So far, still nothing to back up this writers outrageous claims.

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