Friday, June 22, 2007

Congress Leads Bush in Race for Illegal Immigration Infamy

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Bush strives for perfection with a 0% approval rating.A UPI/Zogby poll conducted June 20th, among 8,300 adults nationwide, reveals that only 3% have a favorable view of how Congress is handling illegal immigration. Naturally this has Bush furious as his favorable rating, in the context of illegal immigration, is at 9%. He, of course, wants to be at a 0% favorable rating. How else could anyone explain his treasonous actions if a 0% approval rating isn’t his goal?

The traitors in Washington, who we pay dearly for the privilege of destroying our nation while they pad their pockets with political and financial capital, won’t be satisfied until they piss off each and every American.

Like well disciplined athletes training for the triathlon, they repeat their exercises in treason in their quest for dubious perfection. Despite the will of the people, Bush insisted on bringing back S.1348 for another go round and Harry the traitor Reid brought the bill back again in it’s reincarnation as S.1639. A different number with the same old treasonous crap.

The poll numbers prove the old saying that “practice makes perfect” as Reid and his anti-American cronies have an immigration approval rating of just 3% while the traitor in the White House stands at 9%. Congress is currently beating Bush in the race to illegal immigration infamy.

Bush shouldn’t despair however. He has just surpassed Jimmy Carter for the second lowest overall approval rating in the nation’s history. He has Nixon in his crosshairs and no doubt will catch him for the dubious honor of having the lowest Presidential approval rating in the history of the United States.

Bush is at a paltry 26% overall approval rating as Carter bottomed out at 28%. He only needs to drop four more percent to be the all time chumpion of lowest Presidential approval ratings. A feat that I would not bet against, not even with his money.

Ordinary people would be so ashamed of these numbers that they would resign and go off quietly, hoping not to bring attention to their utterly perfect incompetence. Not these guys though. The pay day is too large and the work to easy. To them, betrayal, treason and shame are but a small price to pay for political and financial power. The task of keeping their corporate masters satisfied with cheap illegal labor means easy money and perpetual power. They are standing pat until we remove them.

Our situation in Connecticut is exemplary of government not working for the people. Our Senators Dodd and Lieberman, are supporting the illegal alien amnesty bill. So is my Congressman Chris Murphy. As stated earlier, only 3% polled approve the handling of illegal immigration by Congress. You don’t have to be Einstein to realize you at least have similar sentiment in our state and district. Yet they refuse our will and will continue to do so until we remove them from office. There is no doubt, we MUST remove them.

Join NumberUSA and hold your elected official responsible for their actions and inactions.



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