Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarkozy victorious in France

From the BBC:
France's new President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy has called for unity after a bitterly-contested campaign.

The conservative won a clear victory over his socialist rival Segolene Royal, gaining 53% of the vote with a massive 85% turnout.

Mr Sarkozy said the French people had chosen change and he would use the mandate he had received to achieve it. [snip]

Mr Sarkozy said he believed deeply in European integration, but appealed to France's partners to understand the importance of social protection.

"[Voters] have chosen to break with the habits and the ideals of the past so I will rehabilitate work, authority, morality, respect, merit," he said. [snip]

Mr Sarkozy has promised to try to reform France to face the challenges of the 21st century, with putting the nation back to work at the top of his agenda.

He has pledged to bring unemployment down from 8.3% to below 5% by 2012.

He is also expected to bring forward policies to cut taxes and keep trains running during strikes, in the first 100 days after he takes office on 16 May. [snip]
Of course, their were riots after the announcement, because is a Conservative, well by French standards, and those who live on the socialist teat are not happy about his plans for France. I am interested to see what he will get accomplished.

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