Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chicago Mayday March — The Pix!

Cross Posted from Freedom Folks

Contrary to mainstream media assertions there were only two basic differences between last years and this years Mayday marches, size and the proportion of Mexican to American flags. We saw just as many Che signs, communist and socialist banners and of course disrespect for our flag and this country as these pictures show…

An upside down American flag?

Even better: an upside down American flag held by a toddler?

Just add Canada?

Socialists: as American as…?

Commies: as American as…?


More Che!

Commies!  Automatically deduct 43 IQ points!

Could you even have an event like this without giant paper mache heads?

The oddest image all day.

Yep, pretty weird!

Of all the disrespect shown to our country yesterday this image made me the angriest.  How nice to see the United States Marine flag held in close proximity to a banner extolling mass murdering freak Che’s likeness.

All American?  Sure, if you watched the MSM’s coverage!

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