Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cardinal Mahony and La Raza!

And the homily to the ‘Tan Klan’, oops! I of course meant to say ‘The Race!” appears to be how best to “sell” amnesty to the rubes so he can rake in more dough for his corrupt crime syndicate…

My favorite bit is around the 3:00 mark when he talks about the so-called ‘one time’ ‘86 amnesty. He communicates how it wasn’t enough, and that lunatics like himself wanted an endless amnesty that would never end. Hmmm, let me guess, think we’ll hear that the current amnesty is IT! Never again, cross our hearts and hope to die? Pinky swear!

But what tickled me was his insistence that “they” were asking about “tomorrow and the next day,” i.e. the hundeds of millions more of peons they could import to weaken this country and turn it into the socialist paradise of their sickening dreams and fantasies.

Interesting isn’t it? That all he can recall of ‘86 is that it wasn’t enough, that it didn’t provide enough treats for him and his favorite people, whereas sane people recall that the only thing actually missing from the ‘86 “one time” amnesty was the enforcement necessary to keep us from being where we are today.

The true lesson of this sickening display is that it’s never enough, no number will ever be enough until they engulf this country with folks that hate us and our way of life, all in the name of serving Jesus, isn’t that special?

Do you believe that it’s Jesus will to destroy the United States? I certainly don’t think that’s true. I think it’s just about time to revive the Know Nothings.

H/T and thanks to LoneWolf for the video

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