Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Military Families and Veterans Arrested at Nancy Pelosi's Office

Yup, Nancy "shrieker of the house" Pelosi supports the troops and their families...

Indy Bay:
by Military Families Speak out

On Monday, March 19th 2007, eleven military family members and veterans were arrested by federal police at Nancy Pelosi's office in San Francisco after they met with Pelosi staff to express their opposition to Pelosi's plan to continue funding the War in Iraq, as outlined in the supplmental appropriations bill coming to house vote this week. The group included veterans who had served in Iraq and mothers whose sons are in Iraq now and others whose sons have served multiple deployments. The arrestees inlcuded members of Military Families Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Veterans for Peace. The group was charged with "disturbances" and failure to obey orders of federal police. After processing, all eleven were released.
Now, that is a nice way to treat military family members huh? hehe

I must admit, I don't have all the details, but you would think Pelosi would avoid this like the plague. I mean aren't they on her side? They are eating their own people!