Thursday, March 08, 2007

MA military supplier raided for hiring illegal aliens

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So, Senators Kennedy and Kerry brought some of that military spending bacon home and this company received a contract probably based on their minority status being Hispanic likes to hire illegal aliens.

From The Stein Report:

“The owner and three managers of a New Bedford [Mass.] leather manufacturer that’s won more than $91 million in U.S. military contracts were arrested Tuesday for allegedly hiring illegal immigrants. The company, Michael Bianco Inc., hired illegal aliens as it tried to meet deadlines to supply backpacks and other products to the military, federal officials said in a court filing. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers raided the company Tuesday morning,” the AP reports. “In an affidavit, investigators claimed that owner Francesco Insolia, plant manager Dilia Costa, payroll manager Ana Figueroa and office manager Gloria Melo allowed an undercover officer who told them she was an illegal immigrant to continue working at the plant, and Figueroa advised her how to obtain a fake Social Security card.”

I’m wondering how many non-Hispanics are actually hired at this company. Oh yeah, if you read the full story this company is totally focused on hiring illegals. They also make leather goods for Coach Inc. and Timberline Co. I’d venture a guess that even if a non-Hispanic applied for a job at Michael Bianco Inc. they would not get the job.

Additional info update:
My supposition that this employer was only hiring illegal aliens is correct. It’s estimated that 500 of the 580 employees will be deported. All are Hispanic. Michael Bianco Inc. hires illegals because they have less options and are more desperate, plus, working conditions are harsher with the illegals more willing to accept severe workplace conditions. Go here for the details and video.

Also, Rep. Marsha Blackburn has introduced legislation to prevent financial institutions from issuing credit cards to illegal aliens. I like the tag line from Blackburn on this one - “You can’t get a Visa, without a visa”!

The Photo Identification Security Act would require banks to use what Blackburn calls ’secure forms of identification’ to obtain credit. In a statement put out by her office, she says that Bank of America ‘has come under fire in response to reports that it allows illegal immigrants access to credit cards without proper documentation,’” the Memphis Commercial Appeal writes. “‘This bill closes a critical loophole that banking institutions have used to circumvent the letter of the law they have used to target illegal aliens as a new source of revenue. It says to banks and illegal immigrants alike, ‘You can’t get a Visa, without a visa,’” Blackburn said.

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